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Egyptian Marble and granite company 

Find many different types of Egyptian marble and granite in Blocks, slabs, tiles, cut to sizes in different finished such as polished, honed, sawn, sandblasted, bush-hammered, tumbled, split face, flamed and more designs for interiors and exteriors 

With over 15 years of experience in the field of marble industry, Marmoles has become the world leader in the exploitation and preparation of marble stone.
Marmoles produces a noble, vibrant, decorative product that can meet our customers satisfaction. A product that is Ideal for both internal and external use. The most natural choice unchanging with the passing time.
Marmoles continually strives to offer the best products, latest researches and evaluated materials to our clients.

Marmoles for Marble & Granite was established to cover all the activities in the world of marble & granite , we have our quarries for Egyptian materials .We are exporters for the world wide requested Egyptian Marble & Granite and their products with more than 15 years of experience.


We also have our factory and workshops that includes gang - saws , automatic and semi automatic polishers , automatic and semi automatic cutting machines , contouring machines that help in the manufacture of Marble & Granite products.


By combining experience, high quality products & strategic growth, we have been meeting challenges in producing mass quantities of Marble tiles and slabs and different Marble products to successfully reach their target audiences.

Our market out-stands with the Egyptian marble products such as Sunny, Sylvia, Golden Cream, Galala…etc. Our business strategy is to be the premier providers and manufacturers of indoor and outdoor flooring in each of the markets we serve.


Marmoles uses state of the art technology to help produce honed, polished and unpolished, cut to size Marble and granite. We also make special products as marble antiques (treated by acid, push hammer, Burning & hammered edges) and we are the premier in floor art, dishes, columns, vases, tables, counter tops, and fountains.


From concept to completion we handle both the choices and the support that allow us to deliver our products with maximum impact.


Our scope of business is extended along China, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, The gulf area, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Libia.


Our customers are all the people that deals ,respect ,love the world of marble & granite such as , construction companies , factories , merchants , exporters and importers , architectures , executing engineers , decorative engineers , antique lovers and collectors and also the end-customer who wants to add a lovely touch in his apartment by adding marble & granite works in it.

Vision and Mission 

Marmoles  depends on skillful calibers whose mission is to blend nature and art to introduce magnificent products with innovative finishes and superior quality. Besides product quality, brand commitment, and the strong production line, the company has updated its work flow cycle to achieve the best for its customers. a phase of quality control has been added to the production process. In addition, a new team for customer care become responsible for after sales services. We are eager to stay on common ground with you regarding quality and standards

Meeting our customers satisfaction with high finished products. Considering time, quality and honorable competition to provide an appropriate product portfolio.

Why you should collaborate with Marmoles Egypt

  • Quality

Our ISO 9001-certified factory built its reputation based on its superior quality. Accordingly quality assurance is embedded in Marmoles Egypt identity.

Our quality and craftsmanship has been proven and given us repeat business. The loyalty of the clients has allowed us to grow into a successful full service company. 

  • Delivery

Marmoles has two main pillars in a delivery process, the first being accurate order delivery mirroring the client requirements. The second pillar is which is the most important pillar for Marmoles Egypt is customer satisfaction. Those two pillars are applied to every order delivered regardless of the product quantity.

  • Selection

We apply very strict selection procedures to ensure that we get the most selective and flawless material for our customers. This procedure is applied three times, within each of the blocks, slabs and tiles phases to ensure that we deliver the required material in the optimal condition.

Our services cater to our clients needs and desires. We provide high quality design for luxury palaces, estates, homes and all businesses. 

  • Workmanship

Our years of experience in the marble production industry, gives us a leading position in supplying the best products in the market. Our staff is uniquely qualified to produce the required end product with that experience.

The craft-men and design teams will work with you to produce any projects and construction packages that you can dream of.

We will meet your request with enthusiasm and adhere to budget and time constraints. 

We supply our materials to all over the world for Example in European countries like united kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

in Arab counties like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, Algeria, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Sudan

Also some other countries in like Australia, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Panama, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Ukraine, united state, Canada, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica,and more countries 

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